Friday, September 2, 2011

sunshine for the soul

We were at the top of the morning errand list – had just dropped off the boys for school, said goodbye to Andy, picked up a check from the bank, deposited it into another bank, dropped off a prescription, and were headed to the car….When my littlest happily bouncing beside me went down.  Ka-boom on the pavement.  He wimpers, then cries as the blood wells up on his knee.  I pick him up, hold him close, carry him to the car, wondering if he tripped on his flip-flop or crack in the pavement.  I look for a better reason why he fell than the obvious one…he couldn’t keep up.  That warm, pudgy hand that so eagerly clasps mine would have rather ran with me from place to place than to let go. 
The result was a skinned knee. 
I beat myself up for awhile, not wanting to race through my day, missing moments, hurried to the next thing, too rushed for grace…
I thank the Lord for reminding me of the danger of living this life in the fast lane.  I ask Him for the grace to take these days…slow. 

10 days without my love makes me want to speed through the calendar pages, but this time is different.  “What we see mainly depends on what we’re looking for” has been ringing in my ears (along with “I need Thee every hour”).
So, I’ve decided to look for grace.  To make this time less about counting down the days, more about counting His graces.
~ Miles invited all the kids in his class to his birthday party.  He told them that he doesn't want gifts, but that they can give money to free girls who are in slavery instead.
~ Friends calling, writing, checking in, praying for us.
~ Knowing we are not alone, but feeling held.
~ Boys happily playing together.
~ Pizza Night! with Star Wars and Chewbaca-corn (a Kari McG original :)
~ Gluten-free pizza you can eat with your hands...HOORAY! 
~ Little surprises here and there to chuckle and enjoy.

~ Fresh-squeezed lemonade, 'cuz when life gives you lemons...wear goggles :)
~ Daily walks to feed the duck, letting him lead.
~ Absence making the heart grow fonder.  
And as Chicago says "Everybody needs a little time away..."

Looking for grace.  It's like sunshine for the soul.

Your eye is a lamp for your body.  
A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul. 

Matthew 6.22


  1. So many things I love about this post, friend...
    -Jack in goggles
    -Your writing window
    -Miles telling his friends how to free girls from slavery
    -"I Need Thee Every Hour" has been my constant theme during teething (well, during the last 6 motnhs). :o)
    -Jude's cute face and band-aid
    -Chicago (singing with you)
    -last picture

    Miss you, friend! Wish we could hang out.

  2. I so wish too, friend! We would have such fun, wouldn't we?