Saturday, September 24, 2011

day of rest

I'm not referring to the law-locked-traditions of what it means to keep a day holy.  But our modern-day-Sabbath... A day that is far too often tacked on to the end of the week as fitting everything in before another week creeps up on me.  A day that {for us} can become the busy-est of them all.  

So, tonight I plan.  lentil soup on the stove.  clothes laid out.  dishes washed.  Prepare for a day of gathering.  worship.  rest.  I'm not always this intentional about it, and I don't know that I always can be.  But I want to learn to live quieter in this world.  More simple.  Less distracted.  Unplugged.

And what better day to practice His presence than a day of rest?  Not that much is restful about having 3 boys, but that my focus is different.  
My goal is slow.

To still my heart.  To know that He is God.  To remember that I am not.  
So, we light a candle.  Asking the Light of the world who pierces through the darkness to shine bright in our lives.  To reflect on worshiping Him alone.  None other.  But our Shepherd, the Guardian of our souls.
All the while doing so, aware that little eyes are watching, little minds are shaping.  How I want for them to know where rest comes from.  That they would learn alongside us to kindle the flame of peace in our hearts.  
And where else can we find that than in the quiet?

Be still and know that I am God.
psalm 46.10

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