Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.:make do:. bathmat

Thanks for all your fun comments!  I agree - she would look lovely in kelly green.  Now to research how to paint wood...  I know it may sound like we've lost our mind, painting perfectly fine wood.  But I kind of like the shabby-chic, chipped-paint look in there.  (And you can certainly say "I told you so" in a few years if I'm stripping off the paint :)

.: make do :.
-- part two --
We needed a bath mat upstairs. I tried to dye a dingy white one we've had for 6 years, but I shoulda bought black Rit-Dye rather than yellow.  I was hoping for light yellow.  Instead, it turned out looking like someone skinned Big Bird and made a rug out of him (my husband's exact words :)  Say hello to Big Bird-mat before he moved in with his good buddy Oscar the Grouch (a.k.a. the trash can). 
Back to the drawing board...
I found a white towel I had on hand to use for the backing of some homemade bibs and a yard of material I had lying around.  
Cut the towel and material the same size.  {Which is always better to do in the sun.}  High-fived the little buddy across from me after every piece was cut (his idea :) 
Sewed the fabric to the towel.  {I just did a zig zag because it wouldn't be seen.}  Then, I sewed on a piece of trim....with the help of my little "fwiend."

Voilà.  Bath mat!
Something that was overlooked for years is now so special.  After helping with the making of his bath mat, Jude mentions it every time he wipes his freshly-bathed feeties on it.  And another trip to the store to pick up another *thing* is successfully avoided.

I write these posts not wanting anyone's heart to well up with anything other than contentment for what we already have. Realizing stuff can never satisfy a soul. Because somewhere in there...my little sewing buddy, sitting on my lap, turns his head around, looks back at me and says “Momma, you’re my best fwiend.” And, I hear loud and clear
The best things in life aren’t things.


  1. Looks great! Have you heard of the website pinterest.com ? It's like a virtual bulletin board for things on the web, and there are a TON of Do-It-Yourself ideas on there. Let me know if you want me to send you an invite.

    Also, I love reading your blog and keeping up with how you guys are doing :)

    ~ Kim H.

  2. I would have to agree with Andy's description of the bath mat. That is just horrible! However, it might look cute in some little "nook" where the kids could read books on a rainy day. A spot of sunshine! (:

    I like your new bathmat! Great idea!

  3. "Anonymous Kim H :)" - Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas! I researched lots on old doors and old windows, which I'll share more tomorrow. Thanks for the invite tho :) And also, thank you!

    Amy - well, hopefully some lucky dumpster-diver out there has salvaged ole big bird and made a cute reading nook out of him. I couldn't recover after that description :)