Wednesday, September 14, 2011

falling slowly

they may be 75 years apart, but they're kindred spirits to the core

 well hello there, mountain man!
 nothing says "welcome home" quite like a trip to urgent care...
someone cannot wait until he can travel with his dad.
his heart beats for adventure.

 my heart can barely contain all the love

 the race for 10 dollars.  
miles was so bummed he didn't win - he said "i ran for my life!"

There we were, drinking in every last drop of warmth and sun, when it stopped me in my tracks.  A teeny-tiny yellow leaf, fallen to the ground.  It was a bit of a stand-off, if you will.  The leaf blaring "Fall is here!"  Me crying out "Not so soon!"  Just the other 84-degree day we were on a bike-ride, and I said it again: “I would never get sick of this weather.”  Then the thought came Would I appreciate it as much if we didn’t know the harsh cold?  Would we have spent every possible minute of the last 5 months outside if we didn't know what's coming?  We are the ones who choose to live here.  If the weather was that important to me, we’d move somewhere hot and humid.  Plus, there's always a Florida trip to look forward to (in case the man who sleeps in the same bed as me would like to plan one...wink wink ;)

Ok, you win.  Welcome fall!  With all of your show-stopping, brilliant beauty, and some of our favorite things: our yearly Fried-Yer apple orchard trip, apple cider, acorn-hunting, soccer games, pumpkin-spice lattes, candlelight, lentil soup, leaf-gazing, crayon-leaf rubbings, leaf-raking (and more excitedly, leaf-jumping!), crisp morning walks, baking, cinnamon, scarves (can’t wait to pull yours out, Nadia!), thanksgiving, our first fireplace!, knitting, slippers, making Christmas gifts, hot tea, and gathering with people we love.
And when summer comes back around…
We’ll live it up ‘cuz nothing lasts forever, not even cold November rain.

What are your favorite fall things?


  1. Hi Sara~ The other day I mentioned something on my FB about how I should really go to a gluten free diet. A friend of mine suggested that I check out her friend "Sarah's" blog-- when she left me the address, it turned out that I already happened to follow you on my feed reader. Our mutual friend is Stephanie Goodwin. Doesn't the internet make the world so sweetly small?

    I loved this post. We just made the huge move back to Indiana from Texas after a short 16 month adventure down there. I've always dreaded the cold icy months here, but after an entire summer with temperatures above 100 every-single-day, there is something so beautifully refreshing about the joy of the seasons. My heart is so thankful. I didn't cringe at the cloudy sky or cold rain beating down this evening...I said "thanks."

  2. Hey sweet friend,
    I am winking along with you hoping for a "surprise-until-Sara-finds-out" email to come my way. Just a thought too about the making of Christmas gifts. Would you consider doing a post on some of your homemade goodies...a tutorial, if you will :) THANKS GOOD BUDDY!!!
    Love you friend.

  3. Kirsten - what a small world :) so glad to hear from you! how is gluten-free going? have you taken the plunge yet?

    Jules - I totally will! Miss you sweet friend!! How's that tangerine tree doing? ;)