Monday, September 26, 2011

.:make do:. rocking chair

I can't believe we have lived in this house 2 months already!  I started to write a list of how we have moved in and tried to make do with what we already have.  I went around and snapped some shots, and it turned into a week's worth of posts.  These may be brief; or rather, as long as Davey and Goliath can distract wee-one.  But hopefully they will help you see the hidden treasures in what you already have.  
And now...adventures in trimming our home with what is lying around.  
(Or, as Andy suggested...home ec-extravaganza!)

.:make do:.
-----part one----
Meet the 8 year old rocking chair that on many a night, we rocked our babes to sleep.  She looks tired, worn out, doesn't she?  She has "Goodnight Moon" memorized, along with any Over the Rhine song, and has probably heard a few botched renditions of old hymns in her day sung by a weary mama.  
If this chair could speak...  But it can't, so it was headed to Goodwill.  
Until a few weeks ago when Jack was headed down a steep slope on his scooter and took a giant spill.  We made it home, and he crawled onto my lap in the rocking chair.  The other two were gathered around, making sure he was okay.  Then, it turned into fighting over who would get rocked next.  It may never happen again, but I couldn't give up so soon.  
So, I bought fabric :)
It was much easier than I ever would have guessed, or I would have done this years ago!  
1. Place the old cushions over your new fabric.  Fold fabric in 2, make sure the inside is facing up.  
2. Trace around the cushion 2 times - an inner line for where the stitching should be, an outer line 1 inch from the 1st trace for where the cutting should be.  
3.  Cut on the 2nd line.  At this point, I pinned the 2 pieces of fabric together.  
4.  With right sides together, sew on the 1st trace line just around the top of the cushion.  (Leaving the back open to insert the cushion.)  
5.  Turn inside out and place over the cushion.  It should fit snug, or you may need to take it in some more.
6.  Fold the cut edges inside and sew the last seam shut.
7.  Repeat with the 2nd cushion.

She may get a paint job as soon as I can decide between bright orange, kelly green, or dark brown.  Or, as soon as a whole lot of other things happen...  

I write these posts not wanting anyone's heart to well up with anything other than contentment for what we already have.  Realizing stuff can never satisfy a soul.  Because somewhere in little sewing buddy, sitting on my lap, turns his head around, looks back at me and says “Momma, you’re my best fwiend.”  And, I hear loud and clear 
The best things in life aren’t things.


  1. Love it! Man, he looks like his Daddy! When can I call this week?

  2. Sooo sweet. I vote Kelly green BTW :)

  3. Love that fabric!I also vote for kelly green!

  4. I vote for Kelly green- is that a lime-ish green? Love the slipcover! Now I wish I had hung on to our old rocker/glider...ha ha.

    And yes, he does look just like Andy!!

  5. Thanks all for your vote of confidence!!
    Holl - would Friday work?
    Carrie - thank you :)
    Erin - gotta love Joann's clearance! and you guys need to stop by! we have a table saw for you...
    Amy - he is pretty much called "little andy" 'round here :) sorry about your rocker...i've seen alot for sale tho, probably for the same reason we both would have gotten rid of ours.