Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.:make do:. pillows

I hope you're enjoying our little adventures-in-trimming-your-home-with-what-you-have-lying-around.  These projects have been done for awhile (I did most of them in the evenings while Andy was in Mexico.)  I'm just now getting around to sharing them with you.  Aaaaaaand, that was the best opener I could come up with at 9.40 on a Tuesday night.  I tell ya, this posting everyday thing is harder than I thought!  
.: make do :.
-- part three --
I'm 33, and have never had throw pillows on my bed.  I've always thought they looked nice.  I just never could bring myself to buy them.  
You guessed it - I finally made some!  
Our king size pillows were needing replaced.  
So I bring you...
how to make 2 throw pillows out of 1 king-size pillow
{I don't read many patterns, so pardon my wording.  I added pics, so hopefully it makes sense.}
1.  Fold pillow in half {when it stays, you know it's time to buy a new pillow, and turn your old one into throw pillows}
2.  Cut straight through: pillow case, stuffing and all.  
3.  Turn cut edge inside and pin.  {Notice the handsome trio in the background rather than the drool marks on the pillow.}
4.  Sew seam shut.
5.  You made yourself a throw pillow!  Now is the fun part of making it pretty.  Keep looking at what's lying around...
Do you see it?  Curtains that need shortened = Fabric for throw pillows!!
{I take no credit for the 2 end pillows, other than finding them at pier 1 for $7 and buying them with a gift card - many thanks, H's!}  
Our very first throw pillows - I feel so grown up!!!  
Now if only it would help me make the bed more :)

I write these posts not wanting anyone's heart to well up with anything other than contentment for what we already have. Realizing stuff can never satisfy a soul. Because somewhere in little sewing buddy, sitting on my lap, turns his head around, looks back at me and says “Momma, you’re my best fwiend.” And, I hear loud and clear 
The best things in life aren’t things.


  1. Lol... Sara - very well done! another hint for very inexpensive throw pillows... go to a thrift store - you can find them for $1 +/- then take them home, wash in the washer & use what fabric you have to 'dress them up'!!

    Your throw pillows look very nice AND you did way better than me. I didn't have throw pillows on the bed till I was 45! ;)

    Love & hugs... Trina

  2. Bravo, mon amie ! Very cute pillows. I think we have the same bedspread (is it red)?

  3. Trina - 45...which was just last year, right? love the tips - thank you!! love and hugs to you as well :)

    Holl - thanks friend! it's a dark red - can't remember where we got it, tjmaxx maybe? i'm sure yours looks better - things always look better in paris :)