Monday, July 18, 2011


Mama’s got a new tanktop.
And yes, I’m still under oath not to buy new clothes (see here).
But this is what happens when you spend too much time in menards, and you see they have a sale on tanktops (like, free!).  You purchase 2 tank tops, for free. And when you really need to pack because you are moving in 12 days…ahem….Pull out your scrap fabric, doilies and ribbon and think how you can spice up free tank top. 
 a little Sunday afternoon sewing during the boys' "rest time"

Procrastination at its finest.
Hey, while the sewing machine was up and running, I did do something that *needs* done... 

It's Monday, and so far, I...
.: Sewed trim onto one pair of curtains.
.: Managed to vacuum the floors.
.: Packed the coat closet into boxes.
.: Washed rugs and hung to dry.
.: Counted 20 chigger bites.
.: Recalled a super-fun Friday night with B & B that make the chigger bites worth it.
.: Laughed a lot at hot kool-aid:  "I made this for you!"
.: Acted on a dream I had last night.  And to see God's hand so clearly orchestrating something through a dream...well, it stops me in my tracks. 
.: Love the boys' bug petting zoo,
and that Jack is very concerned people won't come because they won't see the signs for the petting zoo from the road.
.: Pulled dead frog from the petting zoo.
.: Thought of other posts I'd like to do (including "how to go gluten-free" in honor of my 1 year GF anniversary this week!)
.: Enjoyed another free lunch, and the ladies I ran into at the park.
The to-do list is long, but we're off to a good start.
But mostly, I am thankful for the joy of being the primary person in these boys' lives today, knowing the task is beyond what I can do, but reminded I am not in this alone, looking for the evidences of His grace in our day.  

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