Tuesday, July 5, 2011

packing it in

People keep asking me if I've started packing yet... Uh, no.  Not a single box.  Every time I think about all this month holds, from finishing up the floors to getting that basement cleaned out to sewing curtains to getting our stuff into and out of a box (again), I get a twinge of feeling ready for this to be all over.  Then I realize when it's all over, school will start.  So, I'm quickly reminded how we just have to live out each day.  One day at a time.  Preparing for the "end" (like, starting to pack).  But more than that, cherish the moments we have.  Again, this house teaches me more about life...about not wishing away the process, but finding the beauty in the here, in the now.
Now, could we cram any more fun into this weekend?!?  
When family gathers for a few days every few years, you gotta pack it in.

this birthday boy loves him some snakes.  i used the gluten-free chocolate cake recipe and reese's pieces to create his requested "snake cake."

it stormed, and our fireworks were postponed.  
but we all looked to the sky and saw an even greater display.
all because 2 people fell in love...

Somewhere in there, our little baby turned into 3 year old boy.  There are many memories through the years simply tucked away in my mind. {Like, him waking up on his birthday, running outside, net in hand, to "catch a butterfly for mama in my bare-uh feet."}  But this is one I captured.  
Wanting him to take a nap in the midst of some full days...he poked at my eyes, hissed at me with his rubber snakes, cast a few times his fishing pole, but when I started to sing to him, he covered his monkey with a "note," layed down his head, hugged my arm, closed his eyes...and gave me a chance to lay there and marvel at the blessing he is, the joy he brings.  
We love you, Jude Beckett.  
I know it's only been 3  years, but I can't imagine our life without you.

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