Thursday, July 21, 2011

room to grow

The house redo is {still} in full swing with 8 days until moving day!!!  A *huge* shout-out to each one who has helped in these final stages: Steve, John, Marty, Marc, Gabe, Jordan, Chris, Todd, Josh, Bob & Kath, SB, JB, Tim, Dan (guys from Cambodia, K-Stan and Brazil)!!!  We feel humbled and honored for the time you have spent serving us.  There's a little "open house" in the works to say thank you to all who have lended a hand.  We feel so very grateful and blessed.  

The boys and I are road-trippin' it to Ohio for a few days for Andy to paint 24-7 and for us to spend some good time with my fam.  The house is now trimmed out, with closets, and nights full of caulking, spackling, sanding, staining, and weeding...
Uh, weeding? you ask.
Yes, weeding.  Not that we need those removed as much as we need toilets before we move.  Maybe it's walking into the house and feeling a little overwhelmed by the man-tools that have overtaken our dining room.  Maybe it's the to-do list that seems like when 1 thing is crossed off, 2 things are added.  But, it's where I found myself outside one night, weeding...   

Somehow it became less about uncovering the bushes I had planted.  We talk about the "weeds in our hearts" with our boys, explaining to them how there is stuff in there we let crowd out our joy, our peace, our kindness.  So I was thinking through what those weeds are, that I'd like to yank out, to make room for their love to grow.  Then it turned inward to: what are my weeds?  What is in there that I thought may turn into something lovely, but now see it's just a weed that could take over?  
I love this little book, called "If" by Amy Carmichael.  It keeps it real for me. I thought of some phrases I have read often...  
If I can easily discuss the shortcomings and the sins of any;
if I can speak in a casual way even of a child's misdoings,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.
If I can enjoy a joke at the expense of another;
if I can in any way slight another in conversation, or even in thought,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.
If I covet any place on earth but the dust at the foot of the cross,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.
If the praise of man elates me and his blame depresses me;
if I cannot rest under misunderstanding without defending myself;
if I love to be loved more than to love, to be served more than to serve,
then I know nothing of Calvary love.
Beyond weeding out the impatience, bitterness, insecurity and pride that can take root and become full-blown before you know it...I've been thinking alot about what it means to make room to grow.  It's a 2-step process, weeding is.  I went outside because the raspberry and blueberry bushes I had planted were being overtaken by thorns and thistles.  I want to see them *thrive*.  Why is it we tend to focus on what needs changed, removed from our {or others'} hearts?  I think the Gardener may see it differently.  He has planted in us love and joy and peace and kindness and goodness, and what a work of His grace when those have room to grow.  When all else is exposed for the nasty weed it is, uprooted, laid aside so that the lovely may flourish.

The fruit of the Spirit is love. joy. peace. patience. 
kindness. goodness. faithfulness. gentleness. self-control.  
galatians 5.22

Tomorrow.  1 mama.  3 boys.  1 car.  4 hours.  Each way.  
Perhaps a little weeding is what is most *needed*...that love may have room to grow.


  1. Can't wait to see your finished home, friend! Savor every minute with your fam! Such a good reminder to be mindful of weeds in our heart--may God prune us to resemble Him!

  2. Thanks Sara....God is really using you to speak to me right now...Thanks for being sensitive to His voice and writing it down for others to benefit from. We all have weeds that try and choke us...squeeze the life out. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ for His power over those weeds. Yet another reminder of His grace!
    Paul and I have a desire to help you guys through this transition and move in whatever way we can. please do not hesitate to ask!
    Blessings to you and your family.
    p.s. Love the "hello ohio" song playing on your blog right now;) Speaks to me since I'm from ohio and all:0=)lol

  3. Love your sweet spirit. And so happy for your get-away, Sara! Praying you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the move.