Monday, July 11, 2011

moving on...

There is a time for everything, and last post was a time to acknowledge the very real stress of turning a 100 year old house into a home, and needing to move into it in 19 days.  I just want to say thank you for your words of encouragement.  They have meant a lot to us.  

Three thoughts that have come to mind this weekend, that give me wings, to rise above.
1. "Look at those little faces around your table.  Look into their eyes, each one of them, one at a time, and thank God for the blessing of their life."  (Thank you, mom.)  

2. "We spend so much time focused on what's around us.  We have to as moms.  It just hit me how much we look at our surroundings, rather than looking up.  And when I look up, I just see how much greater it is up there.  We need to look up more."  (Thank you, BF.)

3.  "As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible."  (Thank you, AV.)
So, those in mind, we're moving on...
Looking at the lovely faces right in front of me, 
those who call me "mom"...

Breathing thanks for His endless gifts, 
taking library-reading-program ice cream cones to the park on a friday night
lego-funland in our own living room saturday

the pose above led to the pose below, and i love them both,
along with their bleach-sprayed t-shirts

summer's harvest, and boys that pick them into a frisbee
farms down the road that take the time to grow what i cannot, 
putting $3 in the can for an armful of fresh produce
 wild black raspberries, and fellow little foragers
 mama's got a new vintage bowl and it's metal, so i can get attached :)
a frosty glass of iced tea waiting for him to walk through the door
an evening outside at Cerulean's garden, to relax and celebrate my love (someone's turning a year older this week!!!)
 not having hershey's bars on hand for smores, but finding chocolate chips.  experimenting to find that melting chocolate chips, spreading them on wax paper, putting in the freezer until it cools and hardens, then breaking into smaller pieces makes a stellar alternative.

and renewing vision by looking up more.


  1. Love this! And those bleach-sprayed shirts!

  2. Loved this! Have a great day, girl!

  3. Super cute shirts! Love the pic of you looking so pleased at the market! Miss you friend. Let me know what AM is good to call...
    Also, your mom is a gem!!

  4. How did you do those shirts for your boys? so cute:)And where is that little market you were at?( Sorry to be nosey;)Love your 3 points at the top of this blog...thanks again for the encouragement! Let me know anytime you want to meet and play at the park;)

  5. Ang - Thanks sweet friend!
    Erin - Didn't know you blog - Love it!...and all the awesome work your hub is doing at the house :)

    Holl - Does tom. (Fri.) a.m. work? Miss you too - can't wait to catch up!

    Kristine - Not nosey at all - I'm glad to share! I'll message you directions to the market and getting together. Here's how-to's on the shirts: My only note on the shirt is that a spray bottle worked better than our cheap squirt guns.