Friday, July 8, 2011

floors, and sores

The. floors. are. diggity-done!  
It was a *huge* undertaking to restore those floors from drab to so freakin' fab.  
Anyone remember this???
The boys' room.  Before. 
And, currently!!!
The kitchen looking into the dining room, looking into the living room. Before. 
And, now!!! I have so much respect for Andy, who has carried so much of the weight of this house, literally, on his shoulders (and knees). He has saved us thousands of dollars ($7000-10,000 just by doing the floors himself!) What a fine fine job he has done.

But it is so hard to see my love crawl into bed at 2 am night after night after working all day, coming home to be with us in the evening, then going to work on the house all night.  When you're full-time mothering 3 boys on top of a major house renovation, there's not a lot of time for introspection.
And so, I woke up Wednesday morning with hives, my body's way of telling me I'm stressed (has only ever happened when Andy left for Africa for 2 weeks).  
I feel silly writing this all, because I know there is so much worse out there people are facing besides being tired of re-doing a house.  And I've made a commitment not to complain about such a blessing, so this is not a complaint. Just where we are.

So, when you are weak and weary, what gets you through?
For one, I am so thankful for the friends Jesus has placed around us to be His hands carrying us, eager to look for tangible ways to lessen the load.  To look past the smile, not settling for us saying we're okay.
But even in the hours no one knows about (until now :), when I so long for this to be over, for "normal life" to resume, there is a Comforter.  One I don't think we can fully know until we come to the end of all we can offer, realizing it isn't enough to get us through.  My insides cry out until itching, burning sores break out.  I bust out singing "I need a hero!"  And, He is always there.  
Speaking truth to comfort our weary hearts.
The LORD is faithful in all He says;
He is gracious in all He does.
The LORD helps the fallen
and lifts up those bent beneath their loads.
psalm 145.13b-14 (NLT)
Let us cling to Him and never stop trusting Him.
hebrews 4.14b (NLT)
This too shall pass, and we'll be walking on these floors soon enough.
I almost didn't post this because it's pretty raw, and could be misunderstood.  
But I know there's people out there singing "I need a hero!" too, and I hope as you cry out, you will hear His voice, speaking love into your deepest wounds.


  1. Sara, I've been reading your blog in my reader- (haven't really been commenting much anywhere lately- sorry for lurking). I've been following you as you've journaled this renovation and have loved it. And now, seeing that butterfly mural on the wall- I know which house you're redoing! And I'm so excited for you guys!!
    And thanks for sharing your heart. We're teetering on the edge of an overwhelming place right now too.

  2. Stephanie VerHageJuly 9, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    your floors look amazing!! andy did a great job!!

  3. Sara, what amazing lessons you guys are gleaning about love. About blood, sweat, and tears and how staying invested produces such beauty! Thankful for a God who does just that in our lives...praying I become more like Him.

    P.s. I might have some floor envy - they are gorgeous! That Andy's a keeper, I think!

  4. Jil - We want to have you guys over so bad! I can't believe we've been saying that so that you know what house, you just stop in sometime in 16 days, okay? :)

    Steph - Thanks - I let him know. It's always encouraging to hear it was worth it!

    Ang - Again, thank you for your kind words. They are always such a refreshment :)