Thursday, July 14, 2011

fabulous you

Pause all the sorting belongings into boxes, sanding and grouting and caulking, and all the other odds and ends that need to happen for us to move in 16 days... 
'cuz it's a special day!!!
One that warrants the birthday banner hung over the boxes, brazilian rice and beans, pao de queijo, and carrot cake made in the midst of dishes that need washed, cards thoughtfully created, and something wrapped for all the river-stomping he does with our boys.
You light up our world, Andrew Paul.
We celebrate you, and are blessed to have you in our life.
{And, I *cannot wait* for you to see the card Miles picked out yesterday for you.  I let it slide, because it says "fabulous you," and is hilarious!}
Here's some of the celebration:

Candles ignited, flames blown, and a round applause for a year well-lived.
A happy birthday it was!

For the rest of the fabulous you's, as much as I'd love to write about all the goings-on, more needs to be going on...16 days!!  (I have to keep saying that to suppress the procrastinator in me :) 

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