Thursday, July 28, 2011

to affect the day

to affect the quality of the day,
that is the highest of arts.
h.d. thoreau

Here and there, uncovering slips of paper with sea creatures and bugs doodled, plans for their 70-story building sketched out, notes scribbled "i love mom" {me drawn with 2 ponytails and 3 strands of hair in each}, and journals with quotes jotted down such as the above have made this moving experience so much more than filling boxes with stuff.  I am reminded why and for whom we are doing this, and with what shall my heart be content.  It's a long story, what we've done.  Something you can read a little about here (a blog Andy started before his to-do list became a million items long...)  

We've drug 3 kids along in the process, and they've been troopers.  A few weeks back when the early mornings, late nights, long days were getting to me, they were just "at" each other.  My mom pointed out how we all deal with stress in different ways - my body let me know by breaking into itchy hives; they let me know in fighting and tears shed.  We've tried to do what we can to lessen the shock of all this on them - it's not a far move, but it involves crossing over the railroad tracks, getting used to a different house, switching schools, making new friends, learning other rules - a lot for a little one, especially for one who is already fragile about change.  

Yesterday, lessening the shock of all this looked like leaving the boxes behind and the grass that needs mowed oh, so bad...and hitting the beach.  
Just me and them.  Just 2 hours.  Just what we needed.  
Thinking through the day, what stood out wasn't the closets sorted or boxes filled (although "marchin on" blares while I do - thanks to you, Ang :), 
but taking a break at the lake for a few hours, 
sewing a baby gift to drop off for a friend (procrastination project #17...), 
setting a butterfly free, 
a most awesome meal dropped off for us (complete with sparklers - you're the best, Brooke!), 
All those who have chipped in to help make this nasty house our soon-to-be home…staying up until 12 and 2 to help my man paint (still in awe, Paul and Kristine!), swinging by the house to drop off some strawberries to my lonely love when his family is away (thank you, Matt and Jennifer!), caring for my kids like they're your own so I can pack (so grateful, Brandi and Becky!)
Thank you for creating beautiful moments to bless our days.
You are thoughtful, gifted artists.
And we are so thankful.

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