Thursday, June 16, 2011

somebling special.

7 ¾ years ago, we were driving to my brother’s piano concert in our forest green Jeep, with our 4 month old in the backseat.  Andy had fixed me a classic “Roy’s Cup o’ Joe,” but this time I couldn’t stomach the taste.  We had to pull over so I could dump it alongside the road because the smell started to get to me too.  We were at a reception after the concert, and I was telling a friend how my stomach was in knots…while I was piling the green olives on my plate.  My friend looked at me and said "Olives are good for an upset stomach...  You sure there’s not something you need to tell us?”  [Haha, very funny...]  But, those olives did taste pretty darn good.  So, we made a stop at the Wal-Mart pregnancy test aisle on the way home...We have never been so surprised to see 2 lines in our lives!

7 years ago, we welcomed another little one into our family, Jackson Paul.
God knew we needed him in our lives - what a gift he is to each one of us!

Sunday, we celebrated another year of this boy’s life and spunk and all the ways he lights up our world. 

He chose a “Bug Party” (surprise, surprise :)  Grandpa and grandma were at the top of the guest list he wrote. 

We had a scavenger hunt, which was a hoot! 

We played What bug am I? [The kids had to guess the insect on the card above them by asking questions.] 

We ate dirt cake. 
dirt cake (gluten-free):  layer with cubed chocolate cake.  spread worms evenly on top. pour on chocolate pudding (I doubled the batch).  top with crushed GF oreos in food processor (works best if they're frozen).

Then they ran off the sugar in a rousing soccer match. (Still not sure whether the dads or the kids had the most fun with that one :)  It was a day full of his favorite things (including Papa John’s pizza). 
And, sitting around the campfire at night, his smile said it all.  
Can I say I adore him?  Is that still okay to say when he's seven?  
I'll learn something cooler for when he turns 8 - less embarrassing, more street-friendly.  But for now, I *adore* this little man!

"When I get to be a man like you (telling Andy), I'll get to drink hot coffee and sleep in the big bed with you and momma." - Jack, 8.19.2007

"Mom, if you were a queen, I'd beat up some squirrels and bring them to you for your lunch."  - Jack, 1.7.2011

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