Monday, June 27, 2011

boat-full of royers

Family has landed in our corner of the world from all over.  What fun-filled days these are of re-acquainting our kids with their grandparents, cousins and uncle, laughing and recounting old memories, making us some new ones.  
I'm looking forward to looking back on this day.  ~ Over the Rhine
Jude was the first to volunteer for tubing.  But, sweet little 2-year old got a good scare when the boat revved up and he almost fell off the tube (and cried “I want mama” until he was back in my arms).  Not sure how long a 2 yr. old's memory is, but hoping he'll forget by next summer, and we'll try again.

After a video shown last week in swim lessons about how not to drown, Jack has not been so eager to get in the water. I coaxed him into it with his very own can of Coke.  He was a good sport too, and says "Yeah it was fun...well, kinda."  

Miles was happy to chill the whole time.  Hey, him in the front of a boat that was twisting and turning every-which-way to knock off the tubers for 4 hours is HUGE!  A wave even splashed over the edge of the boat onto him, and he stands up, one fist raised in the air and yells "YEAH!"

Our baby turns 3 this week.  Not so much of a baby anymore, insisting to do more and more "all by myself" putting on his own sunblock and driving the boat.  I think he's got a mental "bucket list" of his own going...

This is how you surf in Indiana, in case you were wondering...
Our boys definitely were inspired.  

I loved seeing every ounce of courage in them surface as they stepped out of the boat.  But as much as I coaxed and bribed, they were just as content as their mama to be in the boat than to jump out of it.  [That launched me into a whole lotta wondering where the balance is between embracing their preferences and encouraging them to try, leading them past their fears and accepting that it seemed more fun to them to be in the boat.]  

In conclusion (after way-too much processing of all that):  
While I hope they will become one with the waves (and we will continue to give them every opportunity to), a contented afternoon of relaxing in the sun was very much welcome.  

Big thanks to our friends for making it happen, you know who you are...and you're pretty awesome!  These memories will be embedded in our minds, told of for years to come, and looked back on so fondly long after we have gone back to our little corners of the earth.

Oh yes, and remember this post so long ago?
Turns out rainy days can be very productive.
Superhero towels sewn.  Check.

Afternoon boating nap in the sun on grandma's lap.  Check.

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