Friday, June 24, 2011


These are the days I dream of all year...having all 3 of them, all day long, no pressing agenda, just fun.  First-day-after-school's-out trip to Wal-Mart quickly brought me back to reality.  [We haven't been there since.]  It's just plain crazy at times 'round here! 

It's taken awhile to find our groove...  One of our boys in particular needs structure, or at least routine.  We've had some off-days, when no matter how hard I tried, his mood could not be turned around.  Something magical clicked this week when the boys started swim lessons.  Just one scheduled thing, every morning at 10.30 has done wonders for him to order his world.  The rest of the day may be a grab-bag of activities, but he has handled it so pleasantly.  

Here I am, just lovin' the laid-back rhythm of summer.  
How did I ever forget how important it is that he knows what to expect?
We gotta dream *together* what these days should look like. 
So, we all sat down on the porch swing and wrote our to-do list for the summer (AKA, summer-lovin' 2011).  
. t-ball
. campfires
. bike rides
. stomp in river
. fishing
. catch dragonflies
. pick strawberries
. swim lessons
. soccer camp
. picnics
. afternoons at the lake
. silver beach
. O-H-I-O
. pick blueberries
. art museum
. snow cones
. catch fireflies
. watch fireworks
. spray-bleach shirts
. soccer games
. pizza in the park  
. nature walk  
. hunt for frogs  
. sparklers  . go to wal-mart (not my idea, at all :)  . scavenger hunt  
. canoeing  . boating  . splash park  . camping in our backyard 
. eating watermelon so juicy it drips off your elbows
. dad and mom date at cerulean's garden  . barbecues with family and friends and iced tea in the afternoon and staring at the sky from a yellow gingham blanket 
Sure, we're moving in a month.  I know it's a bit ambitious.  But I want summers to be so much more than packing and unpacking (we moved last August too).   
This is the day the Lord has made.  
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
psalm 118.24

He made this day.  How I want to handle this present with joyful, thankful care, savoring the moments that can too quickly pass by...and to coach them to ever so intentionally do the same.

Now to go cross some things off that list :)
Happy summer-lovin' all!

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  1. Were we separated at birth? I'm thinkin' yes... :)