Wednesday, June 8, 2011

findin' our groove.

These are busy days at the house.  
Andy took vacation time last week to replace the windows, all 35 of them...
He is such a trooper.  He is carrying a lot right now, and managing it all with such grace and diligence.  He continues to amaze me.
We. have. WALLS!  I have never seen a better looking wall in my life.

It's the first week of summer break!!! 
(We rang it in Friday night with our 1st annual school's out bonfire!)  
I have been reading and re-reading Joyful Parenting Manifesto.

Focusing on saying YES! as much as I can these days.  
YES! to blow-up shark pools.  YES! to eating on dinner on bikes.  YES! to riding tricycles outside butt-naked (if you're potty-training :)  YES! to chocolate ice cream cones on the blanket.  YES! to spending the afternoon in the lake with friends.  YES! to pushing them high on the swing.  YES! to another round of tropical smoothies (our latest addiction - recipe coming soon)  YES! to joining in on coloring, hunting for bugs, scavenger hunts, eating outside, lots of dirt and mess and good-ole-fashioned FUN!  

These days are still very much full of things to say NO. to.  Squabbles, disrespect, disobedience, pooping in the shark pool are a definite NO.  
But, there is so much to say YES! to...and the more you practice it, the funner it becomes!  
My grandma always said "The kids will never remember how clean the house was, but they will remember the time you spent with them."  I'm coming to realize I won't remember if the house was clean; and if I do, what does it matter if the house was spotless on June 4th, 2011?  
But how much better to look back on a summer spent saying YES!
I can hardly believe it is time to pack up these clothes.  
In 4 days, our Jack-son will be turning 7!
He has been planning a bug party for some friends (grandma and grandpa included in that list :)  So far, he has requested a bug hunt, hanging jars of bugs from string for each of the guests to take home, and dirt cake.  
Today I remembered 7 years ago today when we took our 1 year old to the zoo.  If I look at all uncomfortable, I was - it was 94 degrees and my due date (and my dear husband thought I should pose by the penguins because we both were sporting the waddle :)  
I had no idea at the time how much I would learn from this little life inside me.  He has a zeal for life and a curiosity that keeps me on my toes.  He has an inquisitive mind that wants to know how *everything* works.  He plans for ways to be generous: storing up candies and trinkets and prizes to give to his friends.  He has such a sensitive, tender-heart with a strong sense of justice.  He just melts when I kiss his forehead.  He is adventurous and wild and carefree.
And, I love my little man for all he is!

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  1. An emphatic amen to not pooping in the shark pool! :o)
    What a fun post! I'll have to read that manifesto. Messaging you now about a call.