Tuesday, April 19, 2011

introducing the newest addition to our home...

The hunt for the perfect bathroom vanity turned out to be right in front of our eyes!  I checked craigslist daily, had my list of antique shops in surrounding areas ready to tackle, when the name of a place in town came to mind one morning.  I packed up Jude to check it out, and there were THREE we would have been happy with.  This was our favorite, and we got a really good deal!  (I think it's from the 1850's - any appraisers out there know?)  
We will chop off the legs to make it the right height for a vessel sink.  
So, now we are looking for a little something like this on top,

Kraus White Rectangular Ceramic Sink KCV-121 and Ramus Faucet
something like this on the bottom,
Stellar Tile - Bits - 3/4" Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic Tile in White
something like this beside, for trash,

something like this for the knobs,

and maybe a little subway tile on the wall.

I like aspects of this picture: the mirror, the sink, the simplicity, white honeycomb tile paired with white subway tile and dark grout on both.  But it's a bit too stale for me.  Throw in some bright curtains, an old chunky dresser, a creamy color on the walls, and we're in business!  
Really, anything will be an improvement :)

Before I continue our bathroom hunt, I have a birthday boy turning EIGHT in 12 days.  I have a couple of these to make...
Personalized Superhero towel
And, most definately more of these to make...
Jalapeños cut in half, de-seeded, stuffed with goat cheese, topped with prosciutto.  Baked at 350 until it looks like this.  You could substitute cream cheese if you don't like goat cheese.  I never thought I did until I had these. (Thanks Robyn :)  Now I'm hooked! 


  1. I LOVE it , Sara! Further convinced our hearts beat in similar rhythms :).

  2. Thanks Ang - Your sweet words are always an encouragement. I keep wondering how the move is going, and your leg is feeling...I am sure you are managing, with grace :)