Monday, April 25, 2011

oh, happy day!

I'm enjoying this rainy Monday more than I normally enjoy rain, or Mondays.  It feels good to sit down here with yellow tulips flopping every which-way, sipping some indian chai, pulling some great memories off our camera from the weekend,  my heart warmed from slowing time down a bit to enjoy these days, and soak in the moment. 

Saturday morning, we headed to the house to put down some roots.
I am excited to see what this tree blooming is...dogwood?  cherry maybe?
2 boys are rather pleased with the bug/worm selection 
they have found at our old/new house.
How special is a little boy eager to pick new flowers for his momma? 
(except when he thinks they're radishes, and they are really tulip bulbs :)
Looks like the "radishes" survived just fine...

We planted our free "earth day" trees, thinking they would make good Christmas trees in 5 years, wondering what life will be in 5 years...

And, this is what I saw in my side-view mirror,
and I laughed all the way home.

We uncovered some beauties as we dug out the overspill of the dumpster.

Sunday turned out to be just our family, as Andy's sister's family didn't make it.  Our boys get in the mode of having people and going places that they kept asking who was coming.  They were disappointed when I continued to reply no one.  But in the end, I think it was okay...

After another failed morel mushroom hunt, the forager in me went for the dandelions.  This took me back to childhood.  Did you ever do this as a kid?  I remember making "salad" out of weeds (not eat it, just pretend). I keep hearing of the many health benefits of dandelion greens.  
So, I gave it a try.  Rinse them really well.  Saute with some olive oil.  Sprinkle on coarse salt and balsamic vinegar after it is wilted, but still vibrant color.
Turns out it is much better for you than it tastes (well, because I'm not sure it could be worse :)  But that's okay.  I'll take a bitter aftertaste for the sake of nutrition.  These guys are just worth it to me.
Before you fertilize, consider you have a salad right in your front yard!

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