Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A winter storm hit.  We are snowed in.  
And we are in mode, which is not limited to, but includes...
1.  Upon hearing school is canceled, set out on the table 3 granola bars, 3 bananas and 3 glasses of water in hopes of sleeping in...
2.  After sleeping in until 8.30!!! make a big fancy casserole like it's Christmas or a morning at grandma's.

3.  When the boys have consumed the above named granola bar, banana, casserole and toast...and are asking for more food, make up a new rule:  Thou shall give their mama a hug and kiss anytime food is asked for or consumed-est.

4.  Then, cut up a big bowl of fruit salad (because this means more hugs and kisses for mama!)

5.  Serve some to the hot guy working from home today. (Try not to distract too 
much :)

6.  Breathe many thanks, for
shelter from the storm, 
moments in the dark watching the snow fall, listening to the winds howl, 
knowing our loved ones are snuggled in safe and sound,
kind, thoughtful neighbors with snowblowers,
dried elderberries for tea,
memories picking them on a hot August afternoon,
the smell of essential oils diffusing,
tea for 5

7.  Say yes as much as possible.

8.  Be okay with a mess.  Appreciate the pursuit of living and creativity.

9.  Pull out the board games.  And when playing a rousing game of bingo, think about years from now when you and the hot guy sitting next to you are in a nursing home...then make your kids promise to visit lots and bring their kids to play bingo.  
Then, just enjoy the moment.  For they pass all too quickly.

10.  Smile, laugh, dance and sing.
11.  Oh yes, and tell your boys it's Groundhog Day and ask what they think that means.  When their response is:  
"Something to do with Valentine's?"
"Ugh, Barack Obama's Birthday?"
"Pilgrims?  Kinda like the pilgrims?"
Repeat #10...Laugh!  

How 'bout  you?  What's your favorite way to sur.thrive on a blizzardy winter's day?

P.S. Thanks for introducing me to this song, Ang.
Coming Soon...the battle of the cornbreads.  Sorry it's taken so long, Dani.

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  1. Well, we played numerous games of Uno, Go Fish, applied several temporary tattoos, and ate lots of snacks just to name a few things we did today...yesterday we took an adventure walk down to the creek outside in the snow. Kind of sad that everyone has to go back to school tomorrow!