Tuesday, February 8, 2011

repurposing old dress shirts

Ever wonder what to do with old dress shirts that seem too good to throw away, but not good enough to sell for $1 with a pit stain?
Not just any quilt.  One with history.  One that reminds you of the market place in Cambodia where you spotted a striped shirt or that plaid shirt that takes you back to ole seminary days or the interview in Ohio when you forgot the hung items at home so bought a blue dress shirt, and on go the memories....
Wrap yourself up in nostalgia, if you will. 
I had in mind several uses for the quilt.  But it seems to have been hijacked by a certain 2 year old, who just insists on sleeping with the "blanket you made just for me, mama" :)  Guess we'll just have to clean out the closet again...


  1. LOVE this quilt, sara! you are so talented! :)

  2. Did you put any "batting" in it, or is it just a thin quilt. Either way, I love it!

  3. hey amy! almost missed this comment...yes, it is just a thin quilt. i just backed it with a cheap wal-mart sheet - no batting. thank you, always :)