Friday, February 18, 2011

our favorite chicken

Spring was in the air today.  And you know it's been a cold winter when 49 degrees seems like a heat wave!  A little boy was tugging on my arm most of the afternoon not to miss it.  So, taxes, relocation stuff, and Nehemiah set aside, and out the door we went...

With tea in hand, I could barely believe this was the same ground we explored a week ago here.   

I stop, drink it in.
I have been in such a rush this week.
In such a darn hurry.  I have gotten weighed down by the tyranny of the urgent: scrambling to find the "perfect" house for a couple moving here, hungry mouths to feed, laundry, dishes, bedtime routines, house renovation plans, banking, taxes...all good things.  All needing done.  But my mind was pulled into a state of emergency, being less about savoring the moment and more about getting on with the next thing...   
The words I read this morning came to life as we walked:

There is mystery and glory in every now.
And this is the only way to slow now down, 
to slow time down: it’s only when I fully enter into now, 
that the weight of being fully here can slow time down.

Stress isn’t a situation. Stress is a state of mind.

Stress deceives: Life is not an emergency. 
- Ann Voskamp

Life is not an emergency.  
It is a gift.  
So, I do what I know, to fight feeling with feeling (another thing Ann taught me).  
Abandon stress, and give thanks.

Thanks for the melted snow, for the hope of spring, for the warmth and joy and sustaining us this winter... 
for glimpses of did these guys ever get their name anyway?  they are FAR from pansy to survive the winter freeze only to be unburied looking like this...

for garage sale finds and pots waiting for new life...

for my first attempt at winter sowing, which was actually all done for me so far.  
here's to hoping I don't mess it up Hanni :) ...

for a "warm" day to grill up some chicken with Victa's special spices...

for these moments when the family is all gathered back together again...

for our life group, which finds yummy GF recipes like this to share...
VIcta's Grilled Chicken Rub
(a.k.a. the best grilled chicken...ever!)
1/3 c. coarse salt
1/4 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. paprika
2 T. pepper
2 T. oregano
2 T. thyme
cayenne pepper to taste
Blend spices.  Rub chicken with walnut oil (or olive oil) and cover with the spice rub concoction.  Refrigerate overnight (or atleast 5 hours).  Grill and enjoy :)
We grill one pack of legs and one pack of thighs.  If we have leftovers, the next day we make chicken tostadas.  

Baked Risotto
I have made risotto before on the stove, and it seemed super tedious.  But this recipe was so creamy, delicious, and easy!
I substituted 1/4 c. red wine for the 1/4 c. white wine, which gave it a fun lavender color.

My New Favorite Winter Salad
lettuce (romaine or spinach)
celery leaves (rather than throw them away, I put them in salad)
sunflower seeds
dried cranberries
bleu cheese dressing 
(or crumbled bleu cheese and poppyseed dressing)

and, for being here on valentine's day with this guy...


  1. Aha! Sara, you can't mess it up! And if it doesn't sprout for ya, I have at least 50 milk jugs sitting on my back patio. :) Not all of feverfew however...

  2. Hanni, I don't know how I missed this comment...
    50?!? That is awesome! Well, I saw today the little green sprouts, so we are good. Now, I want to get started with more :)