Monday, January 24, 2011

a brand new day.

I love this space to share the joys and victories of our little life, whether it be a gluten-free recipe or restoring a home or just some random thoughts.  But you gotta know with 3 boys…3 creative. adventurous. passionate. boys…our life can be very…lively.  Sometimes I step back and wonder how it all got so crazy over here!  
Although, to be honest, I love this little face...
Tempers flare.  Brothers turn on each other.  Mani- pulation used. Irrationality fades into meltdowns.  My heart aches.  A few weeks ago, we found ourselves in a trying parenting phase. Conse-quences given.  And still no sign of hearts softened, attitudes changed, peace restored, shalom in the home.  And again, we were…at a loss. 
As I have for almost 8 years now, I check on them after they are asleep.  But this time I’m urged to cover them with more than a blanket.  I cover them in prayer.  I can’t do this on my own.  I ask our Father’s help.  I need a heart-changer, a heart-healer.  And He meets me there.  In my tears.  In my longings.  In my weakness and all my shortcomings that overwhelm me.  I plead for His grace in our lives, for the fruit of His Spirit, for a fresh start. 

The words come to mind: every breath is a second chance.  
(from switchfoot's song always)
For me.  For them.  Even if tomorrow unfolds as it has before, there’s always late-night prayer in a quiet room over the souls of my children.  I’m starting to see that may be the best thing I do as a mom.  Looking to the Prince of peace, for a second chance.

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  1. Great thoughts, Sar! It's so true that presenting them and their needs (and yours) to God is the greatest service that you can do them.

    "I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."
    Abraham Lincoln