Thursday, January 6, 2011

10, and counting...

Has it been a decade already?!

The past 10 years has taught us lots...
That the hard times make the good ones all the sweeter.  That yesterday is grace, today is a gift and tomorrow is uncertain - we must never take today for granted.  That it doesn't matter if our 10th anniversary dinner is Trader Joe’s in a parking garage in Chicago, because anything can be special with the one I love.
Happy Anniversary, B!  
You still sweep me off my feet.
(Nevermind the black leather coat, jeans and hiking shoes in is one of my top regrets of the past 10 years :)
Our life may be a little piece of crazy, but there's no one I would rather journey through it with than you.

 Here's to many many more...

I'll be back here posting more recipes soon.  
We're still adjusting to getting back into the school routine...But next up for sure is this ghiradelli chocolate cheesecake, our anniversary treat :)


  1. I remember that day well. It's so neat to look back and see how faithfully God provided that day and through the years. You need to return to Paris, friends(maybe those daisies are still waiting for you)! :o)
    May God give you many more years together!

  2. I'm so blessed you were a part of that day. It would be such a dream to return!