Wednesday, October 27, 2010

chicken tikka masala

A few weeks ago, we said good-bye to dear friends and neighbors.  Each of us has been missing them.  I found a letter that Jack had made to send to their sweet daughters.  Can you read what it says?  “I HOP I SE U SON FRUM JACKSON.”  He included a treasured rubber snake for them.  How sweet :)

The other night, I made Chicken Tikki Masala, which Neiru made the last time they were here, for a going-away party.  She taught me a lot, and this is just one of many I may post...

Chicken Tikki Masala
1 pkg. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
¼ c. butter
Chicken Tikki Masala ready to cook spice mix (the one I used is Paramapara brand)
½ c. Plain yogurt (or coconut milk)
Follow the instructions on the packet, only if you want your tastebuds to catch on fire!  (Trust me, I did this the first time…)
1.  It says to whisk the entire contents of this packet with 2 cups of water, and I now use 1/4th of the packet in 2 cups of water. 
2.  Saute chicken cut into small pieces in butter on medium until golden brown.
3.  Add the mixture from the bowl and cook until the sauce is thick.  (8-10 minutes)
4.  Add either plain yogurt or coconut milk and heat through.
5.  You can also add cilantro and chopped tomato.
Serve with rice.  If it’s too spicy for the kids, adding lime juice helps, or I just let them put some sour cream on it, and they’re happy :)

I’m sorry that my recipe includes a spice packet I get from an Indian Grocery Store, which is truly how she taught me to make it. 

The ingredients in the packet are: Onion, Oil, Coriander Leaves, Garlic, Ginger, Milk Powder, Tomato, Salt, Spices, Red Chili Powder, Green Chili, Turmeric.  

I’m sure you could find a recipe online that has the spices separate, if you’re interested and not near such a store. 

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