Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dress shirt by day. cloth napkin by night.

Some people may call this pack-rat.  I like to think of it as re-purposing.
Here's a little tale of a girl who cannot throw anything away without wondering what else it could become...

About a year ago, we started moving toward a paper-less kitchen, using cloth napkins instead of paper.  At first it was an economic decision.  Not that it saves a ton, but every little bit counts... We do so much laundry anyway, it's not extra to throw in a few napkins.  But now I just like them so much.  There's something special to sitting down to a piece of toast and tea in the morning, with a cloth napkin laid beside.  

It's the little things.
Most of our napkins are made from larger ones cut in half, folded and sewn. But cutting squares to make the dress-shirt quilt got me thinking about  napkins...So, back to the cutting board on a sunny afternoon.

Step 1:  Gather up your material (large cloth napkins, old maternity shirts, skirts, sheets).  Make some tea and find a sunny spot.

Step 2:  Cut the material double the size of napkin desired.  
I like the size 5 1/4" by 7 1/2".  Doubled would be 10 1/2" by 15".  Adding 1/2" for the seam would make it a 11" by 15 1/2" rectangle to cut. 
Although, that takes the fun out of sewing - just "eyeball it"  :)
OR Step 2:  If using cloth napkins, cut in half.   
 Step 3:  Fold rectangle in half.  Sew right sides together, leaving one side open.
Step 4:  Turn right-side out.

Step 5:  Turn the open side ends inward, and sew along the edge all 4 sides.

This is the remaining shirt carcass.  I managed to sew 10 napkins out of one shirt.  Is it ready to throw away yet?  Possibly...but after I cut off the buttons to keep.  Snowman Button Christmas cards, anyone?  
Now when I tell Andy his shirt looks nice, he has to wonder if it's in danger of becoming a napkin the next day :)

We are so happy to have him home.  Thrilled, really!

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