Monday, June 11, 2012

in case you like star wars

It's birthday season over here, celebrating adding another year to Jack's life tomorrow! Which reminds me that I never wrapped up our last one, in which I recruited a guest writer. He's 9 and likes Lego Star Wars, this party was to celebrate him 'cuz we love him so. And he's gonna take it from here.

in a galaxy not so far away.....
this is the penyata that our dad made. it was slimy.

look at all the food to eat!

look at the cake.

we made lightsaber,s.
epic battle agencet dad!
bace ball!
(:the talk:)
lego challange!
eatting the food with freinds!
battling the death star for candy!
the wish! of 9(:nine:)
silly kids!

i am glad to be nine!!!!!!!! miles.

We had fun, and most importantly, Miles felt celebrated and loved. With our boys' birthdays in May, June, July, I just started doing 1 party a year. Jude's party will be next year and Jack's was last year. I do enjoy planning and throwing a party. But I cherish the birthdays where it's us and the kids, just being with them. In honor of Jack's birthday, we spent today at one of our favorite places. 
More to come on that, and the many ways I adore our 8 yr. old.
But I've got a cake that needs to transform into a fish.

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  1. so very fun! we're having a lego star wars party on Friday for Elijah's 7th and we're gonna try to make those light sabers too. Your cake and cupcakes are cute! What a great idea for how you celebrate your boys' birthdays!