Friday, June 22, 2012

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Sometimes my mind wanders. I hope you don't mind wandering with me a bit. 
It's been a dry summer, which I may not have noticed if we weren't trying to plant grass. The water bill may be a little higher from watering our weeds grass, but our family hasn't really felt it. When we're thirsty, we pull out some ice cubes our fridge made and pour ourselves a glass of iced water. When we're dirty (and honestly, times when we don't have a speck of dirt on us), we turn on our shower and water so clean you could drink it pours. Plus there's the washing machine and the dishwasher and the sprinkler and slip-n-slide...

Then I get the Compassion magazine and read of Kenya's severe drought, and it seems so very far from reality.
1 billion people worldwide live in chronic hunger
   which is equivalent to the populations of North America and Europe combined!
                                                                     ~ from unicef

And I wonder how would we do? What would our farmer's market look like with 3 years and no rain? Where would our food come from if the shelves of Super-Walmart were bare? How would we bathe if the faucet ran dry? Would we get used to drinking water from a river rather than reverse-osmosis? What could happen...

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.
                                                                          ~ from

Which means, in the 5 minutes it takes you to read this post, 15 children died because they don't have clean water. I can barely wrap my mind around what that means. I try to explain to my child who got upset because he was given a glass of water rather than fruit punch at school (because he's allergic to red dye) that many children their age never made it to school because they spent their day looking for water. But it seems the best way to begin to understand is to realize how very blessed we are. To realize we are blessed to bless.

I can't talk about water without giving a great big shout-out to those making a difference. Luke realized we are blessed to bless when he started Mudlove. 

You can check them out here, and should really watch this video
Every $5 spent at Mudlove provides 1 African with clean drinking water for 1 year! Really.

And so,
to share the love, 
my first giveaway!! 
Comment below with what word you would love on a Mudlove band. 
It can be any of the above or make up your own! {11 character limit}
I'll throw your name in a hat and reveal the winner next Friday, June 29th.
P.S. I'll mail overseas too :)
The winner will receive your very own Mudlove band with your word of choice.
And, one more person has one more year of clean drinking water.  
Girl at new well in Sierra Leone
I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink...
Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, 
you did for Me. ~ Jesus


  1. glory...because when i was pregnant with xavier the word glory stood out to me when i read my bible, when i sang, when i journaled, everywhere! i believe that somehow God's glory is being revealed through xavier's short life inside my womb and stillbirth three years ago.

  2. love this Sarah! grace....I'm learning and learning how to be as gracious to others as God is to is one long, tough, windy road....and this would be a great, daily reminder to me.

  3. I left an H on your name. :) Thanks Sara!

  4. blessed.
    if i remembered how greatly the Lord has blessed me, i wouldn't be so nit-picky on the people around me...and i wouldn't be so anxious to get into a new living situation. i am already blessed!

  5. Grace.
    I love this post. Thanks for this amazing reminder. And in honor of your post I just bought a water filtration system for a child and their family. Thanks Sara!

  6. Grace.
    I need to remember how much grace I've received and pass it on. Sometimes I forget that (especially with my kids).

  7. Hello Sara Lynn. Lover of mine, mother of my children, holder of my heart. If I were to request one word it would be "Judiciousness" but if that doesn't fit- how about pray... since you gave mine away. If the rules of the sweepstakes exclude me from participating, maybe I'll have to wait till my birf-day.

  8. Ok. Reading through your comments brought tears. I love hearing your stories and the words that bring you healing and hope. So, I'll make it easy on the hat and just say you all get bands! I'll still do a "hat-drawing" Friday if anyone else wants to chime in.

    But for you early birds who have already commented, send me your address at, and I'll mail you a love band!!

    P.S. Lover of mine, I know where you live :)

  9. Serve
    I'm tired these days...We now have five kiddos, 7yrs. old and under. I know serving these little ones pleases my Lord, but I get tired, and short, and a little sarcastic at times. I want to serve these kids through my Saviors strength, I want to walk in obedience before them. A bracelet would beat the sharpie marker I'm using now. :) Thank you for the reminder of how fortunate we are. Love your posts!

  10. I choose "trust." Such a needed reminder for me to trust my Savior in the midst of every situation, wanted or unwanted, easy or draining. What great idea, friend! Thanks. Miss you!

  11. surrendered....because there is no other status to be when we have received the blood of Jesus on our souls...which is the only impetus to care for our neighbor at all. LKL