Monday, June 18, 2012


We were a little bit shocked as we held our 4 month old and saw 2 lines appear on a pregnancy test. I'm still learning how to take care of one...and now two? may have ran through my mind. But when that newborn son was laid into my arms 9 months later, I was overcome with tears of joy embracing this gift of life. We named him Jack, which means God is gracious.

The Lord knew. He knew we needed his laugh, his smile, his zeal and compassion and adventure and passion and wit. 
Jack turned 8 last week. 
All he wanted to do for his birthday was go fishing. Andy woke him up at 5.30 AM, he sprung out of bed, grabbed his fishing pole and off they went, just the 2 of them, to fulfill his birthday wish. He also told us "all I want for my birthday is a hug from everyone in my family." (I'm still giving him hugs for that :)
He's a great kid, that Jack!
So, like we do, we celebrated his life, God's grace, another year...


You, Jackson Paul, are a precious gift from God, delivered at just the right time. I pray you never lose your passion for justice, that you kindle the flame of compassion, that your heart delights to do what is right. And that wherever you are in this world, you know how dear you are to me. 
How blessed I am to be your mama, see your eyes light up when you hear the good beat of a hip-hop song find "patio" snuggled in your arms as you sleep be asked every night to scratch your back before bed laugh silly with you watch you grow and explore and discover.

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