Friday, April 27, 2012

stop the rush

Please pardon my writing block. I have sat down here several times, trying to wrap up and present to you a concise description about something... everything... And well, I've been at a loss. 
So, I snap pics. Here's a few thousand words.

Resurrection Rolls on Easter, because death could not hold Him down, for He is risen!

34 years times 365 days the Lord has made = such a gift!

"mommy and me" road-trip to Ohio with middle one for the auction of my grandparents' estate

This working 3 jobs, on top of the rest of the life of raising 3 boys has been a little bit crazy. We have seen God's sustaining hand. But, something's gotta give, and I'd rather it not be my sanity :) In a few weeks, I'll be done teaching preschool in the mornings, then we'll re-evaluate what is best for our family. Until then, it's back to the basics. 
Learning to sur-thrive. 
Reprogramming myself to ignore the mound of dishes staring me down as my not-so-little-guy falls asleep in my arms. {Wondering will this be the last time...?} To swap plans to make dinner for piecing together leftovers in order to be with the guys who have been at school all day. To sit and enjoy an afternoon with him regardless of everything on the list. To notice and marvel at what they have made rather than nod my head in the middle of lesson plans. To stop the rush. To listen to the One who delights in our presence and loves us enough to speak peace into our hearts. 

Listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying,
He speaks peace to His people, His faithful ones.
~ psalm 85.8 {NLT}

 above: a robot from the recycling bin.  below: "these guys are headed to new york," he says.

I'll be back, but I've got a boy turning nine. NINE! in 4 days. Years ago he taught me that my presence is far greater than anything I can do or buy or make. Oh, how easily I forget.

 Once she stopped rushing through life, 
she was amazed at how much more life she had time for. 
~ Rubin

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