Monday, April 9, 2012

crafting memories

Pack bags. Check. Road-trip. Check. Leave it all behind. Check. 
Splash in the waves. Chase seagulls. Boogy-board. Triple Check.
Build sandcastles. Collect seashells. Catch crabs. Picnics on the beach. Spot dolphins. Try to swim with them.
Visit loved ones. Ron Jon's. Tijuana Flats. Barnes & Noble. Lotsa coconut popsicles. Backyard soccer games. Hunt for geckos, catch them, set them free, repeat. Puzzles and breakfast. Nerf gun wars. Farmer's Market oranges. Blockus tourneys... 

(above: my new skirt that used to be a turtleneck! 
but that's a different type-of-crafting post :)

how is it we almost have the same size feet? when did he grow up so fast?!

I just kept wondering...What will these boys recall years from now? 
How will these moments shape their idea of what is fun and relaxing? 
What souvenirs are locked away in their minds to remember these days?

When we look back on our lives, what we will remember are the 
crazy things we did, the times we worked harder to make a day stand out.
~ Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

On the last day, we stayed at the beach as late as we could, pulling our blanket further and further back as the tide continued to move in. After we were as far back as we could go, we packed up our things. Sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, eating our snack, watching the waves and the surfers, reminiscing over favorite memories...Miles' was chasing the birds, Jack's was catching lizards, Jude's was catching crabs, Andy's was staring off into the horizon. Mine was all of it {with boogy-boarding in a close second place}.

I was struggling to leave, singing in my head with Boys2Men it's so hard to say goodbye... Then, I had flashbacks of being at that very spot nearly 9 years ago with 4 month old Miles, pregnant with Jack. SO much has happened since then! So much good and unexpected, and good coming from the unexpected. 
I love vacay-mode, but I value the ways real life has shaped us, who it is making us. It's so important to take time to retreat and rest {and, we were so blessed by these dear people who offer pastors a free place to stay to do just that}. I hope to someday sit back down on that same bench and reminisce over all of life that is yet to come and the many ways He has been faithful. Until then, we're gonna continue to seek what it means to 
take hold of the life that is truly life! 
~1 Timothy 6.19

Just beyond this computer screen, there is life yet to be lived! 
People to look into their eyes and smile, to love and pursue. 
Moments to craft. Memories to be made. 
A day that could stand out...

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