Friday, August 12, 2011

stay-cation 2011

This is not very Roy of us at all.  We're adventure, travel, road-trip-type people to the core.  But life has been hectic, and my love will be boarding a plane to Mexico we opted to vacation at home, to look for beauty right outside our front door, with 50 bucks in our pocket.
Our first {of many} bike rides, I was remarking how special it is to have this time together, to ride down a hill and spot the lake, to get coffee and a cookie at the local bakery.  They were taking it in, and Jack exclaims "I can't believe we live here!"
We do live in a pretty phenomenal town, but the itch to explore nags me: large cities, third-world countries, Paris, beach, name it, I'll go!  But what I value more than trying out a new cafe or riding a moto down a dusty road is a new perspective.  I love seeing the world in a new light.  Getting away does that.  So, part of my prayer for this week was that God would renew my mind, even here.  And would you know, He has!  He whispers to me to "take the gentle path." Shows me how meaningful putting together a Star Wars puzzle can be.  And what a refreshment a drive studying the clouds is.  And the faith of a child to climb up a 100 ft. fire tower with their dad, no hesitation.  Or, to go down their first waterslide in the lap of their mom.  And what a gem of a husband I have.  And how completely rewarding are spontaneous hugs.  And pure, lasting joy is not found in what we have or don't have, where we are or where we aren't.  Our God hears!  And He answers prayer.  And there is so much beauty that awaits, right beyond our front door.

Stay-cation 2011

Silver Beach. Parking: $5
Pike Lake. Bike Ride, Coffee and Cookies: $8
Ouabasche State Park.  Entry to Park: $5, Pool/Waterslide: $10, 5 Frosties: $5
Fort Wayne. Art Museum: Free (on Thursdays), Picnic Downtown, Starbucks: $4.50 (doubleshot on ice for mom and dad)
Our “backyard”. River-stomp, Bike Ride to Dairy Queen: $10
Family of 5 + 1 week + 1 tank of gas + $50 = a priceless amount of enjoyment

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  1. Love the stay-cation! But do come to Paris anytime, please! :o)