Monday, August 8, 2011

corners of our home

Thanks for all your kind comments.  We are overjoyed to see it come together!  Many projects are still to be done.  But with school starting in a week, we’re gonna soak in the rest of summer.  The to-do lists we will always have, but these boys I won’t {wipe tear from the corner of my eye}.

I have finished enough to forgive the boxes that will go unpacked until these boys are away for {gulp} 7 hours a day…
So, I bring you corners of our home:

 {the above bathmat will not be white for long, but that's a whole other post 
about re-purposing what we've got}

 {can you believe we found that desk and chair (I recovered the chair) 
in the trash alongside the road?}
 {this has been my dresser for as long as I can remember - used to be pink, then lavender, then my dad stripped and refinished it.  looks like it belongs.}
 {note the new game table:  yay for church garage sales!}

 {Miles is pretty pumped to have his own space, which may be the theme of his room 
if we get around to it:  space.}
 {our pet fish, "sushi" is diggin' the sea life mirror, an original "brett gregory" work of art}
 {the barn + chair (an original "T-pa" masterpiece) = hours of fun for Jude}

Of course, boys still make "bug playgrounds" {which involves lots of mud, and bugs}, walls get ketchup-y hand-prints, clifford's trip to silver beach leaves our floors with enough sand to sweep into a mini-beach.  This could all drive me crazy {and it has a time or two}.  It is a conscious decision I have to make to not let it get to me.  I am known to say "This is not the time of my life to have a clean house".  We teach our boys to pick up after themselves and I clean what I can.  But at the end of the day...frankly, there are things that matter more to me than extra smudges on the window.  'Cuz I have a feeling that someday I'll miss those grubby little paw-prints and wish back the days of legos scattered, supper needing made, and being beckoned to play.  Why wish away the playing, the enjoying, the living?  And there you have confessions of a recovering perfectionist, learning to seize the day.   

Carpe diem, friends!


  1. Hey Sar! Loving those 2 lights and the denim chair = fun! Enjoy soaking up the rest of summer...

  2. Hi Sarah! You are so wise to keep in mind your boys are growing fast... I did not remember that nearly enough while mine were growing up. I've made sure to 'focus' with the granddaughters, but they're STILL growing way too fast! Sometimes, i leave those smudges on windows just because of who made them! :)

    Your home is lovely, thanks for sharing! Trina

  3. So many things to love: floors, Anthro-ish curtains, lighting, dresser turned sink vanity, knob hooks, and of course the rolling crate. :) Mostly love that you are letting it go and enjoying your littles this week! Be praying for you all with the adjustment of a new schedule, new school, etc. But for now hoping you all are seizing each moment left of summa!