Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.:make do:. warm quilt

What do you get when you combine: watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with the boys this weekend and realizing we don't have a warm blanket big enough for all of us, cleaning out the closets, this sentimental mama not able to give up another baby quilt {but already a tote-full of ones saved}, thinking the days of me wearing lavender velvet pants are probably over, admiration for a grandma who used to make her quilts out of old dresses, it's 23 degrees out, and it's warmer upstairs where the sewing machine is.
Combine all those, and what do you get?

A quilt!  Of course...
Made from some sweaters that either shrunk or look to worn to wear, said lavender pants and baby quilt, an old robe, and a sheet {to back it with}.

I will get back to recipes soon.  Pinky-swear.  This baking without wheat, rice, oats, cocoa or beans has been a bit of a challenge.  I’ve been experimenting with teff, chickpea, coconut and almond flours and am loving what we’re finding.  So, I will share…
Until then, more cuddling under this blanket with my loves.
Oh yes.  Did I mention that one of my New Year's resolutions is to simplify?  Maybe after this quilt... :)


  1. absolutely love how you weave and mix, stir and combine the bits and challenges of your diet, discarded sweaters, and perspective together! you are are stunning, my friend. p.s. we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 this weekend too! and that makes my heart happy to know we were doing the same thing. makes you seem closer...

  2. dear ang - only you can make my random mix of this and that sound so fitting, so put-together. your words inspire!
    p.s. if only we were...would be a dream :)