Friday, January 6, 2012

11 years ago...

A page was turned as we stood on a stage in a room filled with loved ones.  Candles flickering, tulle draping, hearts bursting, cheeks aching from smiling so long and so wide {ok, maybe that was just me...}  Holding the hands of the one I love, looking into his olive eyes, I said:
With confidence that our heavenly Father has guided our lives to this day and will continue...before these witnesses, I, Sara Lynn, take you Andrew Paul, to be my husband.  Whether we’re sick or healthy, poor or prosperous, I promise to give you myself in a life-long union.  To love you unconditionally and continually, to respect and support your leadership (not only from behind, but by your side), to always be a tender comfort to you, to cherish and honor and pray for you faithfully. According to God’s Word and by the enablement of His Spirit, I am committed to be your “esposa” until death parts us or the Lord returns.

Wearing my best - a white, flowing gown facing a tuxedoed, prince charming, I don’t know that any bride can fully grasp her promises at that time.  While the past 11 years have been filled with hearty laughter and sweet romance, they have also had their share of what we used to call “detours” and “parenthesis” of life, until we learned it was  I never imagined “in sickness” would include cleft palate, autism, emergency hernia surgerieS, celiac disease, thyroid cancer.  We never would have dreamed we’d live where we do, with as many plans as we had to put miles on our hiking boots.  I didn’t know how many conditions my love had on it or how hard it can be to apologize, or forgive.  

11 years later... The plates we bought off the clearance shelf on the way home from our honeymoon have all chipped.  I have given up on buying new glasses that inevitably break in a few months and now just drink out of mason jars.  Year 10 was a bit comical when all sorts of appliances went out too = the iron, toaster, vacuum, washer, crockpot…  I would be naive to think that a marriage is no less fragile than these dishes.  And, I'd be foolish to assume we could do this alone.  I can't help but sincerely thank those who stood with us on that day, those who walk with us today...Friends who keep it real...Examples of husbands before us loving their wives enough to work hard for their families, remain faithful, pursue closeness...Wives we watch honoring their husbands by choosing to respect, seeking peace and a gentle answer...Parents who jump at the chance to watch our boys for us to have a night away...My mom's reminders that Love comes from God...This bond of three, which is not easily broken.  

So, here we are... another year to celebrate, another glass raised, another chance to grasp hands, lock fingers, look into each others’ eyes and once again affirm I still do.    

  {His choice for dinner: Cambodian/Thai at The Lemongrass Cafe.  
My choice for lunch: Indian Buffet at Tamarind Flavor of India.  Both: GF and so delish!}
As wild as the road has been (and probably will be - evidenced below...  :)
I am so blessed to journey with you.  Happy Anniversary, my love.  


  1. That day was amazing, as is your love for each other. Thanking God for how He's blessed you 2 crazy kids! So glad to have been standing up there with you, so glad to still call you friends.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. love it. soo happy he was the one God planned for you :) can we say perfect match?? go make your man a blueberry milkshake!!

  4. Holl - There are so many ways I look back on those days, and am so thankful for you. So blessed to call YOU friend! Hope to chat soon...

    Amy - Thank you, dear. I sure hope we can meet sometime...I imagine we'd have a grand ole' time!

    Jules - "Amen" to that! But I decided to save the blueberry milkshakes after a hot day at the beach in March :)