Monday, November 28, 2011


We come to the end of it all, and our hearts are full.  Grateful and blessed.  Determined that this will not be the end of our thanks-giving.  That it would be more than a day to list all that brings us joy. But a life that bends its knee to the joy-Giver.  Looking up from the gift to the Giver and growing in adoration for all that He is by noticing, and giving-thanks for all that He gives. 

The holiday came and went.  Friends gathered.  House filled with laughter and joy.  Turkey carved.  Dishes washed.  All tucked in with smiles on our faces, gratitude in our hearts.  Recalling the words exclaimed by our boys: “this is the best day of my life!”  

Thanksgiving Round 2.  Family gathered.  House filled with hugs and sentiment.  Turkey re-heated.  Dishwasher loaded.  Puzzles and airplanes put together with grandpa and grandma.  Memories made.  Bey-blades ripped.  Walks to work off the seconds of pumpkin pie {and flourless nutella cake – oh my!}

Pictures from the weekend faded from doilies and leaves to bows and pine, as we prepare for celebrating the ultimate Gift.  And this is just a continuation of thanks-living…

Always be full of joy in the Lord.
I say it again - Rejoice!
philippians 4.4 {NLT}


  1. Oh, Sara, so right on! Love your heart... (that rejoice banner is pretty awesome, too!) :)

  2. Does one of you play the piano? Wish I could have coffee by the light of your tree, friend! I think you should post the recipe for the Nutella cake...

  3. Oh Ang, and i love YOURS! thanks always for your sweet encouragement.

    Dearest Holl - if you come, i promise you coffee by the tree AND nutella cake! oh, and andy can play you a song too :)