Sunday, February 5, 2012

living a life

Instructions for living a life: 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished.
Tell about it. 
~ Mary Oliver

I took 2 pictures this week. Several times I wished my camera was around, but instead decided to soak it in as best as I know. I didn't think I had much to show, but found these on the boys' cameras tonight and just love what they captured. Life, through little eyes.

Here are my two...

And the memories that are too precious to forget... 
- Going to visit dear T-ma, who is recovering from open heart surgery.  I can still see Miles holding a pink rose, Jack and Jude with cards, standing at the foot of her hospital bed.  All of them quiet, hating to see one so deeply loved in so much pain.  Jude finally tries to put words to what he feels, and says: "Sorry you're not better yet."  
- Chipotle for dinner.  Miles and Jack decided they wanted to sit at a table by themselves.  They had the best time, off on their own (well, a table away).  I couldn't help but think all too soon Jack will be bumming a ride from Miles to take him to Taco Bell.  I could almost picture it as I watched the 2 of them, wondering how we got here so fast.  
- 2 hours in Barnes & Noble, looking at books.  There was something so new, yet nostalgic about it all.  Andy and I used to go there lots, pre-kids.  Then it morphed into flipping through magazines near the Thomas table.  And now...the boys nudging me to show me a different lego set, bug fact or shark picture; Andy pointing out a backyard idea.  I would have loved to stop time at that round table next to the fireplace, all of us with our warm drinks and stack of books.  
- Jude's first Payton Manning shirt, although he calls his "Pee-king Mayonaise Shirt."  And, I don't correct such cute-ness.
- Tiny Thumbelina with the fam, and friends.  Jude clapping after every scene. Jack leaning his head on my arm.   Miles softening to the fact there probably wouldn't be any lightsaber battles.  Meeting the characters afterward, and our boys enamored with the "stars," especially Miss Thumbelina herself.  
Thumbalina: "What was your favorite part of the play?"  Miles: "You." 
- Our church gathered for worship, remembrance and communion.  {Miles' little lego club he started to meet in dad's office after service.}
- Friends gathered to share and care, laugh and cry, coffee and dip.
- Boys cuddled up for the Superbowl.  After wanting so bad to just order a pizza, I broke down and made one {don't have much of a choice when we can't have wheat or rice}.  Would you know it was the best GF one I've made yet?!  Mama John's Pizza is back in bizzness :)

I have tried to sear these moments into my memory. I just don't want to forget. But, I also fear that someone reading this would long for something different than their weekend.  Been there. Done that. This keeps coming to mind:
You will show me the way of life, 
granting me joy in Your presence 
and the pleasures of living with You forever.  
~ psalm 16.11 {NLT}

How far too easily we can settle for a way of life that may not be what the Author intended.  How quickly we look to something or someone for our joy rather than the never-ending-joy-Giver.  The good news?  It's not too late.  And, He is so gracious. 
Wishing you the joy of HIS presence, pleasures of life in HIM!
Happy almost-Monday!  A brand new day, another week, a second chance to:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Live your life!


  1. Sara... hey there Dear! It's Sara Foster (used to be Weltz) from Grace College days... hoping you remember who I am & that I can get to email you... shoot me a line when you get a second :) I wasn't sure where to find a 'contact' button on here... so forgive me if that was more obvious- I'm kinda new on 'blogging' sites. p.s. I loved this writeup :)

  2. dear sara, SO good to hear from you!! i still feel new to this blogging thing too, so we're in good company - have no clue how to put a contact button on here, so look forward to chatting via e-mail :)