Wednesday, October 26, 2011

made with care ~ for the kiddo

When I recall what I got for Christmas as a kid, one gift stands out.  "Barbie dream house" was on my wish-list, and I can still remember the unveiling of a dollhouse my parents had made for me.  Complete with custom wallpaper, carpet, stairs, shingles, you name it.  My mom had made furniture out of cardboard and fabric.  It even had teeny-tiny little hand-towels.  I would spend hours in front of that thing.  Just last weekend, Jude was moving the furniture and dolls around.  There is still just something so special to think of all the time and thought that went into that gift.

Which brings us to handmade gifts, part deux.  

.: made with care :.
~ for the kiddo ~
...including, but not limited to...

This week, I decided to revisit these bags I made for the boys last year.  They were a huge hit, but I used cheap felt.  So while they are still being used, they look pretty rough.  I'm going to try out a wool-blend felt this time.  This is truly simple sewing - no hemming whatsoever.  Just sew raw edges together.
 I made them big enough to hold a regular-sized notebook.  
Then we filled each of their bags with items unique to their interests.
It has been the perfect bag for car-trips.
Just enough stuff to keep them busy, without taking up too much room.
Some other handmade bag ideas, 
'cuz every boy needs a place for his treasures:
 {made from the pocket of a pair of shorts being thrown away}
Speaking of bandanas...
Source:  bandana dress
Source:  bandana apron has some great ideas for DiY projects,
like who knew you could turn a bed sheet into a Star Wars' costume?!?
This project involved a $3 t-shirt, a squirt gun, bleach and rubber gloves 
(NOT optional).  I have seen others make designs rather than letters.  
Endless possibilities here.
A friend sent me a link to these superhero towels selling for $40.
They only cost $5 to make!
If, instead, you have a princess...
Princess children's hooded towel
Source: etsy
Pinned Image
I saw this idea on pinterest, using an old t-shirt.  So, I made one.  
{Sorry, Jude.}
There's always capes for your little superheroes!
 (looks like someone has picked up a few of my Kristen Wiig moves :)

Inspiration for the non-sew-er:
Pinned Image
Source: pinterest {animals superglued to jar lids and spray painted}
Pinned Image
Source: pinterest {fort kit; including sheets, rope, clamps, flashlight, glow sticks}
Pinned Image
If you still haven't found anything that excites you to make a kid a gift, here's 30 more ideas.  Happy dreaming, crafting and surprising!  

While it's fun to create a gift for someone special, I never want to forget why we do this.  Christmas is a celebration of the most remarkable gift of all ~ our Savior born into this world that we. may. have. life!  New life!  Life everlasting!  Life in and through Him!  I think sometimes we settle for celebrating the festivities rather than the honored guest.  It's like we miss the King being in our presence because we are enamored by the glittering tinsel and twinkling lights.  

The thought of making a gift for someone may stress you out as much as me having to push a cart through a crowded store on Christmas Eve.  I get that.   So whether you buy your gifts at the mall or make them all, my hope is that every heart prepare Him room.  That we don't chase after stuff to fulfill a longing only He can.  That our days would sing long and loud...
What can I say? 
What can I do? 
But offer this heart, O God, 
Completely to You. 
So I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned, 
In awe of the One who gave it all. 
I'll stand. My soul, Lord, to You surrendered. 
All I am is Yours!

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