Thursday, October 6, 2011

of moments

A few weeks ago, the house was a wreck, dishes needed done, kids were finally in bed.  Andy encouraged me to get outside and enjoy the sunset.  It was all I could do to not plop down with a magazine.  Um, I mean....start on those dishes, of course.  It had been a long day.  I made every excuse why I should stay.  But I finally put on shoes and was shoved stepped out the door.  I headed straight toward the sun.  It became a race, as I saw the brilliant pink rays slash through the sky.  I wanted to see that fireball.  Just as I came over the hill and spotted the lake, the sun slipped down into the water.  

I missed it.  I was left with a shadow of beauty passed.  If only I hadn't deliberated so long...  If only I'd saved my excuses...  It was a simple sunset.  But it made me think of all the other moments I miss...

I can be so hard on myself, feeling guilty for time wasted, opportunities passed.  But, I'm learning from mistakes.  I've seen some gorgeous sunsets since then.  And, opportunities come as often as the sun sets.  

So, this week Miles was home from school 2 days with a fever.  I cancelled plans, postponed projects, stayed at home on gorgeous 75 degree days.  And I could have missed the most important little man needed me, to nurse more emotional wounds than physical.  Those 2 days were filled with some of the most precious moments listening, caring, playing, being present.  
Yesterday, after his fever had left and we were a little bit of stir-crazy, we made a memory to be savored as much as an ice-cold bottle of orange Crush on a warm October day.

I'm learning from my mistakes, enough to know that tomorrow is a blank page, full of new possibilities, blooming with new opportunities.  
I don't want to miss it.

Jude says "I'll drink to that."

Next up...pao de queijo.  Rain or shine.  I promise.


  1. That Miles makes me smile!!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your heart. I find much encouragement from reading your heart on here. Seriously, thanks for sharing your journey with Him.
    mindy wolfe

  3. So glad that we got to talk! Miss you friend! Praying for you...

  4. Amy - Thanks, we think so too :)

    Mindy - I so appreciate your words. It was one of those (many) times where I wondered if it would make any sense...

    Me too, Holl. Me too!

  5. Getting caught up on your blog! But it us such a comfort to me to know motherhood isn't about perfection. We love our kids well when we fail them and re-focus and try again. New mornings! New days! Same faithful God. So good job, momma! You are so dear...

  6. Ang - amen, and AMEN! There is no other way...Only by His grace.