Tuesday, July 10, 2012

.:make do:. more old doors

The end of this month will mark 1 year that we have called this house our home. It also marks another year of finishing up all the projects that have come with redoing this ol' house. When we bought this house, we became the owners of a pile of old doors - charming and unique, but all different sizes that would have been too much to custom-build new door jams. If you've been reading long, you know I'm not one to throw something like that away. So, we gave lots away, made a headboard and a day bed. (By "we," I mean my better half made them while I threw together the late-night guacamole necessary for working on such projects.) 

One project we've had in our minds since we moved in was how to separate the laundry apart from the rest of our bathroom. My dad gave us some old french doors, probably from the early 1900s. We wanted to utilize those, and thought this would be the perfect place. 
Part 1 was building shelves between our shower and our washer/dryer. 
Part 2 completed last night, and I can't wait to share his creative craftsmanship. He's pretty swell, this man I call husband.

In a gist, here's what he did:
(a.k.a.: a bunch of words I have never typed)
1. Scrub mold off old doors.
2. Prime and paint.
3. Put fixed casters on the bottoms of the doors.
4. Screw 2 large eyelets into the top of each door.
5. String eyelets onto a pole (which sounds a whole lot easier that it was!)
The pole is an electrical conduit.
6. Position the pole so that the doors roll on the floor and clear any obstacles (such as the washer door at its widest part) as they are guided along by the pole. 
7. Fasten the pole into the walls with a floor flange (found in the plumbing section) on either side.
Total cost = $25.

More old doors. Another new use!

Next up: our new {free} deck!


  1. I'm super impressed with the doors, they are great! But what I'm really impressed with is how little dirty laundry your family has...really just that little basket. That's amazing! :)

  2. Haha-hilarious, Kate! Don't let the picture fool you. Yes, we only have one basket-full of dirty laundry - the rest is strewn all over our house :)