Wednesday, March 7, 2012

providing wings

When we were about to have our second child, I wondered if my heart would be able to receive and love another as much as the first. I remember that moment, holding our newborn Jack, a smile so wide my cheeks could hardly contain, tears streaming down my face, realizing my heart didn’t crowd out my love for Miles. It didn’t inhibit my love for Jack. It just doubled in size. And again for Jude.  
Still, there is room.
We hope to one day welcome into our world of boys some little girls who need a home. We're asking God to open doors that we could be a family for the fatherless.

Meanwhile, this card comes in the mail. I can’t put it down. 
Her name is Kiran. I may never meet her. But my heart is doing it again... 
Awhile ago, this video link was on one of my favorites. {You gotta watch it!} 
I just had to wonder how long before that could be the reality for Kiran. How long before it would seem like the best, or only option?
Not any more. Not for her. 

I want her to be more than a card that gets shuffled on a display table, discarded in the trash. I want her future to be bright, to be done walking the dark road of desperate uncertainty of when her next meal would come. I want her to have the chance to rise above, to soar on the wings of mercy and justice. I may never get to sit with her, drink chai out of tiny tea cups and hear her story. But I have the chance to give her the joy of being seen, chosen, cared for, loved.

Compassion International is a not-for-profit organization with integrity. {You can read their annual report and find them on top-rated charities, ranking them with similar organizations.} 80% of the money you give goes to the program recipients. $38 a month provides your child with food and clean water, medical care, education, life-skills training, a chance to hear of the love of Christ, doors opened to a brighter tomorrow. Just imagine the indescribable joy knowing someone across the globe knows, and cares!

You see, so many of us are so stinkin’ rich and we may not even realize it. We have the resources to feed and educate and heal and empower! It’s all so humbling and inspiring if we think about it. I may not be able to end human trafficking and world hunger (as much as I can dream), but we have the power to change someone’s story! I love this quote from one whose drop in the ocean is still creating tidal waves of love and justice:

We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing 
more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, 
the ocean would be missing something.” 
~ Mother Teresa

I can think of a lot of ways to spend $38 a month.
But, I can’t think of many better ways…

Jude described it so well when he showed my mom her picture and said: 
"See this little girl? She doesn't have water, and we have water right over there. Look at her bare feeties. Her feeties may get cold. So we're going to adopt her!" We may never meet her, but we love her so much already.

Having been given the chance to soar on the wings of mercy and justice, the indescribable joy of One who knows, and could we not? 
There is always room in His heart.


  1. Love Compassion! Our kiddo is from Brasil. :o) Love the way your boys are learning early to love like Jesus. Miss you friend!

  2. You know I LOVE LOVE this post!!!!!

  3. Awww... the feeties is so cute! Compassion International is such a wonderful organization! How exciting for your family!

  4. Holl, look at you bustin' out the Brasilian way to spell their country :) love you, friend!!

    Julie, you should know what an inspiration *you* have been! i've always admired the way you care for your compassion kids, like your very own.

    Trina, thanks for sharing in our excitement! yes, "feeties" is one of those phrases i hope to never end :)